Molded Polyester Sign Blanks


How do I get a wooden sign that will not rot, crack, warp, split, blister, bleed or peel AND last for more than 50 years?

Use a Polyester Sign Blank from Classic Signs!



foxfire cast polyester golf t sign classic signs nc 200x250

Solid Polyester Molded Sign Blanks

We can use the same mold for different materials. This means that two signs could be identical to look at, but one will be so strong you could drive a golf cart over it and the other will simply outlive most of us.


aberdeen molded cast signblank hdu stained classic signs nc 180x286Vertical grain redwood looks beautiful when sandblasted so for many of our sign blanks, that is what we have used to make masters. That master is then used for a mold to be made. From that mold, we then cast our sign blanks in either HDU (high-density urethane), solid polyester, or solid urethane, depending on the project. The result is a molded sign blank that looks and feels exactly like the original item, down to a microscopic level. It is so exact you cannot tell the difference unless you dig into it.


st blade trail sign cast polyester street sign 2man 160x285

Polyester is resistant to heat and cold, has zero moisture content, and will never rot, crack, warp, etc.

If kept painted, it will last for 50 years or more.

We have many signs that are now nearing thirty years old and still look great.

We recommended repainting every 6-8 years, depending on the location, color, and type of paint.



st sign molded cast street sign blade very strong can be lettered  with reflective 2sided classic signs nc 539x144





Is there is a chance your sign may be at risk?

We suggest Polyester molded signs anywhere the sign may be in danger of getting hit hard by golf balls, animals, lawnmowers, and even vandalism. Damage by animals is rare, but if it does happen, it usually occurs where there are no humans, at the far end of a golf course, or on a walking or hiking trail. We have heard stories of signs sometimes being damaged by woodpeckers and squirrels even bears. These are the types of locations we recommend using our Polyester sign blanks. We also recommend Molded Polyester Sign Blanks for high traffic signage like Speed Limit Signs and Stop Signs or "in the line of fire" on golf courses, etc. Anywhere damage is likely to occur, this is the material to use. 

See video super-tough signs



3way redwood style molded cast sign with threaded rods classic signs nc 160x120




reidsville molded cast city seals vandal damage resistant polyester classic signs nc 300x169


Custom Molded


If you are in need of a higher quantity of signs for a resort or a golf course, maybe even a walking or hiking trail, we can provide you with the right product at the right price.

When we create custom molds for our clients, we usually include their logo or emblem in the master sign that we make the mold from. This way your logo is an integral part of every sign.


Some signs will always need to be custom made, however, once we get to secondary and tertiary duplicated signs, like street name signs and trail/directional signs, making molds and casting them is practical, attractive, and very cost-effective.


If the individual sign blanks are lettered using vinyl, when a sign is no longer needed, there's no need to throw it away. Simply remove the vinyl lettering and reuse it. It's recycling at its best AND you don't have to buy a new sign!




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