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ralph lauren custom sign london2 classic signs nc 320x240   Ralph Lauren:  custom prismatic letters with specificly sized brush strokes in the paint

gilded prismatic hdu letters awaing installation320x240  Gilded HDU letters with black outline


  pinehurst surgical custom letters logo hdu classic signs nc 300x169 Pinehurst Surgical: Custom HDU letters and logo


There are many ways to use individual letters to create your sign. From a few brass or plastic numbers to identify your house to complex internally lit Chanel letters on a business or shopping mall.

lighting showroom custom cut hdu gold leaf letters classic signs nc 200x150We supply full sized templates if required and full instructions on installation, or we can install, or arrange for installation on your behalf, by qualified personel.

The most common forms of sign letters that we manufacture are itemised below.

23kt. gold letters

  • The magoritory of gold leaf letters we produce are on HDU as it finishes better than almost any other outdoor material. We do however gild gemini formed plastic letters and PVC letters as well.

The gold letters in the picture to the right "lighting showroom"are HDU covered with 23 kt. gold leaf, even though they are in shadow they have an amazing glow that always gets them noticed.

Acrylic custom letters (see Magnolia Place in top sliding gallery)

  • A very hard waring and versatile material for sign letters that often does not need to be painted, but it can be if required. Used in conjunction with leds some very interesting and unusual effects can be achieved with this letter material

skin care custom cut mirror finish letters from classic signs nc 220x161


Aluminum Internal Letters.

  • Brushed and mirror finish 3D aluminum internal letters are a great way to give your reception a very professional look for a very reasonable price.

Custom Cut Solid PVC Letters

sandhills center custom cut pvc letters on hdu sign monument classic signs nc 200x150

These we create on our cnc router, they aer very tough but do not finish as well as hdu. they can be flat or prismatic. see Sandhills sign on this page

EPS Foam letters (Styrofoam or expanded poly styrene)

  • Our experience with this type of letter was not what we would want for our customers so we stopped using this material for sign letters.
  • There are coatings available to give it a lot more strength but we find we can create the same effect for a better price using other materials.

Jordan plastic formed gemini letters classic signs nc 200x177g

Formed Plastic Letters

chatham sq curved pvc sign to fit 6ft dia wall side view classic signs nc 320x240

Their are many manufacturers of formed plastic letters, we have been using Gemini Letters for 26 Years, and have only ever had one small complaint which was dealt with immediately by the folks at Gemini.
The quality and standard of their work is excellent. If its formed letters you need we whole heartedly recommend them.

  • Please note they only sell through aproved agents such as us, you cannot buy direct from them. W are here and ready to help you.

cast metal letters with 23kt gold leaf seven lakes west classic sign nc 320x240

Cast or cut out metal letters

  • Metal letters, and there are many different varieties, can be used outside, like bronze or aluminum cast letters that are extemely durable and long lasting.

  • There are so many cast, molded or custom cut metal letters we could dedicate a whole site to them. There are even plastic molded letters that look exactly like metal letters. The best way to narrow down the particular type of metal letter you need is to call or write to one of our designers and they will be happy to help you.

HDU Letters (see Village Design, and Pinehurst Surgical, in top sliding gallery)village design custom cut hdu sandblasted letters gold leaf classic signs nc 300x169

  • This is a more versatile material. Letters for signs can be cut and shaped by hand, routed, machine cut or even sandblasted. They can be flat rounded or prismatic. HDU letters can also be shaped, hollowed out or given a radius on their edges. both PVC and HDU sign letters will not degrade in the way that wood does. they will last for a very long time.


Channel Letters

  • See internally lit signage

boles business sign custom letters hdu 23kt gold leaf classic signs nc 300x169Custom Prismatic HDU Letters


Backlit prismatic letters



Vinyl letters ..

We have a whole page dedicated to Vinyl Letters please follow the link below.

 incredible edibles vinyl and gold on shop window classic signs nc 320x240




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