Golf Signs for Courses and Resorts

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Golf Signs

Complete sandblasted or cast Sign systems for the golfing industry.
Manufactured by: Classic Signs and Signblasters, an award winning family business, serving the states of the Eastern USA and the Caribbean.

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Over the last 26 years Classic Signs has been proud to make signs for most of the golf courses around the Pinehurst and Sandhills area, as well as many others across the country. 

Whispering pines golf club sandblasted hdu prismatic letters 23kt gold leaf Classic Signs NC 200x150




Custom Golf Signage designed and made just for your club


anderson creek golf community 8ftx14ft dimensional pvc sign on 2x8 aluminum frame classic signs nc 320x240

We have designed and manufactured thousands of custom golf club 

signs including entrance signs, tee signs, tee markers, yardage signs, cart crossing signs and general directional signs as you will see from our gallery. 

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Molded Golf Sign Blanks


We also specialize in a type of golf sign that is extremely durable and will with stand damage from weather, humans most animals and is reusable.


Classic's molded signage.


If a sign becomes redundant in one area, it can be re-lettered for use in another. Our molded golf signs can emulate anything you want them to because we take; for instance, a real piece of all heart old growth vertical grain redwood, carve or sandblast it into a master sign blank, from which we create a mold. That is then used to cast signs in either HDU (high density urethane) or solid polyester (if a more robust sign is required).

These signblanks look like sandblasted or carved golf signs but they have an area that can be lettered using vinyl.


Challenge molded golf sign Classic Signs NC

This means you get the best of several worlds.

  • Golf signs that will never crack warp split or rot because of the weather.
  • Golf signs that are considerably more cost effective but still look like their sandblasted or carved counterparts. (They will save you a lot of money).
  • Golf signs that will not break under normal golf usage ( if someone runs over a sign with a golf cart it might loose the battle).
  • If your golf sign becomes redundant, don't through it away. Have us or your local sign company reletter it (and save more money).
  • If some of your golf signs are under atack from birds and animals, use our polyester golf sign blanks and your worries are over

No chipping cast polyester or HDU golf course sign from Classic signs NC 200x150

A range of generic signblanks of varying sizes is available along with some specific golf sign messages such as Golf Cart Crossing, Carts Remain on Path etc.


We can also design custom golf signblanks for your course, incorporating your logo as you can see from the photographs on this page.


A few of our golf signs are on this page, but please view our golf sign gallery.


pine needles cast molded custom golf sign blank classic signs nc 200x193


Golf Club Emblem Design


Usually it is important to design the golf course signage so there is continuity between the residential parts of the club (if applicable) and the golf club itself, whilst creating a subtle difference so that visitors and guests understand that they are moving between one section of the golf community and another, the same goes for different courses.


However it is also equally important to let them know they are still on the property. Although attractive welcoming entrance signs are imperative, something that is often missed are good exit signs; they characterize the club and its boundaries, and help to fix the club as a defined image in a visitors mind.




Broad Bay custom sandblasted hdu golf club Sign Classic Signs NC 200x233Having a comprehensive sign plan for your golf club or community, will save you a great deal of time and money at a later date.




The type and style of club emblem and the fonts used in it,all help to create the feeling generated when its viewed. This sets the impression for the way your club is perceived. Is your club very formal, or a local golf community way out in the country side that's very relaxed and informal.


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