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  Apartment and Condominium Signs

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On this page, you will see some condominium and apartment signs, and a link to our apartment sign gallery. 

We love to make signs, especially for communities. Whether it's for a development of condominiums or an apartment complex we will always do our best to create something special for you

If you know what type of condominium sign you are looking for or even the style of apartment sign we are here to assist you, even if you don't we are here to help you with your sign project; if you feel more comfortable calling us please do. We are designers and craftspeople we do not employ any sales assistants.

If you don't have time to call please use the form to the left and tell us a little about your sign project. you can even attach photos, drawings, or designs if you have an idea of what you are looking for or browse through the 60 + photo galleries in our Portfolio for ideas. 

villas at vir apartment sign appiqued prismatic letters on hdu background with gold leaf zoom from classic signs nc 320x240


leasing office realtor sandblasted hdu sign from classic signs nc small

Things to help your search for the perfect Sign for you to go more smoothly:

Get an idea of budget, apartment, and condominium signs can cost as little as a couple of hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands. So talk with your fellow board members and get an approximate figure. Maybe no more than $1500 or perhaps $2-3000 per sign. It will help us serve you better.

Leasing Office as a sandblasted HDU dimensional single-faced sign was under $1000.

The Manors was about the same price maybe a little more for the graduated colors.

Shelldrake was very complex and totally custom-made right down to turning the tapered pillars on a lathe. with gold leaf and shipping, the cost was approximately $10,000 (it is double-faced).

The Villas is two single-faced signs epoxied together with a steel skeleton running right through it for support and strength. The Oaktree is gilded with 23kt gold leaf and attached as an applique. "The Villas" letters are prismatic and are also gilded. No matter where the light sauce originates there is always some angles on the letters to catch the light which makes it much more visible without being flashy or too large.

Our job as sign designers is to make your sign noticeable not necessarily huge or flashy.


manors condominiums sandblasted sign with color gradient classic signs nc 225x169

We like to think that we reinvent the wheel every day and most of our working life is spent creating new custom-designed and custom-made condominium and apartment signs either from architects' drawings or just from ideas from people like you.

sheldrake apartments pvc hdu custom built monument sign classic signs nc small

We are always happy to help with the design process.




I realize I'm stating the obvious but some people think a pretty sign is all they have to think about. Designs are drawn for your apartment and condominium entrance signs should convey a sense of pride, efficiency, and security to the residents and members of the community.

Perhaps even more importantly the signs should say to potential renters and tenants, this is a welcoming community; and a community that takes pride in its management and the way it looks and is a community that when your friends and family come to visit they will be quietly impressed as they arrive.

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