Custom Street Signs


victorian style st sign lamp post reflective signs classic signs nc 160x273Classic Signs manufactures a large range custom street signs. Not only do we manufacture sandblasted redwood and hdu street signs, we also have aluminum signs which with the additional of a customized sign holder turns a rather boring piece of aluminum into a very attractive street sign which can have your club or neighborhood's logo on it.

cast polyester street sign sandblasted background classicsigns nc smallThe sign on the right is one of our generic cast street sign blanks which is a molded street sign that looks just like sandblasted redwood.

It has been custom painted and lettered using reflective vinyl for Forest Creek Golf Club and hangs from a custom made bracket.


The street sign on the right below is found in the National Golf Club residential area. This club calls for custom aluminum layered street signs which look extremely attractive and last a long time. They are attached to an aluminum post covered in stucco.

aluminum street blade national classic signs nc 200x150

fairwoods sandblasted street signs classic signs nc 200x150 The Walnut Creek Road street sign is a custom sandblasted HDU street sign attached to a treated post with their logo carved into the top. The street sign is resting on a custom bracket.

Whatever your requirement for this type of sign, Classic Signs can help you with it. We have helped many communities in this way and would be delighted to talk with you about your custom street signs!

victoriana stop sign with finial base fluted post st signs 150x240 victorian style st name and stop sign classic signs nc small victoriana speed limit sign base finial fluted post sign backer classic signs nc 152x240


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