Cafe, Bistro & Food Service signs 

We specialize in designing and manufacturing eye catching attractive back-lite and dimensional signs for all aspects of the food industry. In particular cafe's restaurants  and bistros. We have the knowledge and expertise acquired over almost 30 years of in house production. This means we are very familiar with all of the materials appropriate for your signs, and we can design, manufacture a beautiful, memorable sign for you quickly and efficiently using the best quality materials and production methods, which is why we give a minimum 5 year warranty on all of our signs.

lady bedfords tea custom sandblasted hand carved restaurant sign prismatic gold leaf letters classic signs nc 800x440

Lady Bedfords Tea Parlour

Above is Lady Bedfords Tea Parlour, a tea room and gift shop in the center of pinehurst village NC. The main letters are prismatic with 23 K. gold leaf ( no matter where the light sauce there is always a plane on the letters to catch and reflect the light , this makes the sign more noticable without it becoming flashy). The Cameo was hand carved. In an area where only small signs are allowed this one jumps right out at you.

dugans pub custom letters classic signs nc 640x480

sly fox english pub formed letters with 23kt gold looks amazing at night classic signs nc 300x169

sly fox english pub sandblasted top bottom panels vgroove rout pub sign 23kt gold classic signs nc 185x247

Traditional Pubs

 johns bbq sandblasted prismatic paladium letter classic signs nc 300x169

parkers market sand blasted wood grain and stone finish

Parkers Market

 This is one of the best conveinience storesand cafe's  I have ever been in. The sign is sandblasted HDU with a stone finish around the outside ring and woodgrain finish on the inner ring. Then the wheat is also sandblasted and applied as a applique.

bistro sandblasted multi level sign classic signs nc 900 350

Sandblasted HDU The Bistro tells everyone exactly what it does and why it's there.


coffee court sandblasted HDU with stone background

3 savannah

This is a sandblasted HDU sign 




antonellas ristorante sandblasted wall sign classic signs nc 320x240

antonellas ristorante sandblasted hanging sign classic signs nc 320x240



















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