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The Remains of one of our Signs after Hurricane Michael

It should go without saying that your outdoor sign must be strong enough to outlast inclement weather. But if you happen to live in a coastal region, you’ll really need to ensure that your sign is constructed and installed with hurricane-resistant capabilities.

delwood before

Recently, my wife Lynn and I checked in with a client of ours in Panama City Beach, Florida. We built a monument sign for them a few years ago, and partly because of its size (12' x 7.5' x 22") had to deliver it ourselves--so we got to meet them in person, which is always nice if we get the opportunity. 

delwood map


Having seen the ravages of Hurricane Michael, we reached out to see how they and their business (Delwood Business Park shown above by the red tack) had fared. This is what we got back:

text from Jan


When Hurricane Michael tore through Panama City Beach, the winds were clocked at just under 154 miles per hour.  The buildings surrounding their sign were severely damaged and there were thousands of downed trees. How did our sign withstand the wind and pelting rain? Simple: Their sign was made with PVC sheeting and aluminum.

PVC sheeting, or Poly Vinyl Chloride, is mass-manufactured for hundreds of different use. It's very tough when fabricated and used in signage, as we use it. When it's assembled properly, the glue actually melts the surfaces together so they become one. This gives us a very strong and durable sign monument, face, or whichever type of sign we are using it for. It isn’t always the best choice sometimes, however. HDU or metal is better. The material is deided upon on a sign- by- sign basis as we advise our clients what we think is the best for their particular project. 

The aluminum is usually square tubing which is welded together to frame the inside of the sign. It can be 2" sq. and up to 4". In this particular sign, we had two 2"x8" aluminum tubes running from one column to the other at the bottom of the body and two more 2x2 's across the top (all inside, of course). these were slotted and bolted into the posts that ran down into the ground, which measured 6"x6"x9', so there was plenty to go into the concrete below.

As you can see here, all the trees that were around it are either uprooted or gone. Our customer, Jan and her husband are going to get us more photos and send them to us when they can, as they still only have internet for a short time each morning.

delwood after

                                           (Delwood Office Park, Panama City Beach, Florida 10/19/18)

They tell me there is very little damage to the sign because they were able to see around the back, and that tree was just pushed up against it.

It's both unsettling and amazing when you look at the aerial photo below and note how many trees there were behind our sign, and then look at the pic they sent us post-hurricane and see nothing but blue sky behind it.

delwood aerial

As we get more information and photos we will be updating this Blog.


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