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      classic signs nc gold leaf sandblasted routed prismatic hdu gold leaf varigated metal leaf 600 leds to create halo around letters

      (Classic Signs Business Sign, Aberdeen, NC.)

                          Gold Leafing Your Signage  

The art of using gold leaf (gold that’s been hammered into a thin sheet) dates all the way back to ancient civilizations. The Greeks knew it, the Egyptians knew it, and some of the most prolific artists of the 17th and 18th century knew it: Nothing beats the luster and elegance of gold. For thousands of years this malleable, precious metal has been featured in just about every branch of art known. In ancient Egypt, we see it in the sarcophagi and inside pyramids. In ancient Greece, gold leaf was laid over ivory statues to highlight armor, clothing, and hair. The ancient Romans covered their ceilings with it. Artists add gold leafing to their oil paintings for extra decoration. Just as the color of your branding and signage is important, using gold to accent it, is just as imperative both in its initial impact and visibility.

No matter how you decide to use it on your, gold will make quite an impact on your sign, adding beauty and class. Unlike gold paint, gold leaf’s longevity is incredible, due to its high resistance to climactic factors and most chemicals. There’s a reason why 5,000-year-old Egyptian art still looks like new!

Used on lettering, it reflects light from all angles, which increases the odds that it will get noticed from afar. And can we all agree that the whole reason you’re investing in a sign is because you want your business to get noticed? OK we thought so! But before you go investing in a gold leaf sign, make sure you’re dealing with a company that is well-trained and seasoned in gold-leafing. Below is a visual of how the ancient tradition of goldleaf is used to enhance business and personal signage at Signblasters.

Owner-operators of Signblasters, Trevor Bourne and wife Lynn, winners of 3 National 1st place awards and 2 international 1st place awards for their signs and designs, have honed the delicate technique of gold leafing to a true art.


After applying a tacky substance called "sizing", the thin gold “foil” sheet of only the best quality hammered 23 karat gold is lightly tapped onto the surface. Adding the gold leafing is very tedious business and can often take hours.


Once the sheet of leafing is adhered to the surface, Trevor burnishes the gold it by lightly polishing it with an extra-soft bristled brush gilder’s brush.


                         The result is a bright and shiny surface gauranteed to get this sign noticed


 To the untrained eye, this sign may look pristine, but we still have long way to go. Next, we will be filling in any cracks, AKA "holidays" and doing more polishing, but it's looking good already!

We work with clients individually to help them choose the proper leaf color, font, and size, using custom stenciling. And we don’t stop at just gold leaf. We also use variegated gold, copper, and palladium for signage, depending on individual needs and preferences. Call today to talk with our team of experts 800-948-4037.



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