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Sugar Mountain Part Two

Sugar Mountain a Police shield and Town seal

A Crest for the wall of the Town Council Chamber and a large

Police Shield for the Wall of the Station

These crests and shields are always fun to create.

We have spent several months creating a new look and making the signs for the Village of Sugar Mountain Near Banner Elk and Grandfather mountain in North Carolina. This part of the project follows on from the directional signs we made for tsugar mountain police crest badge shaping 320x240he main entrance.

sugar mountain police crest badge 1 320x240This is an amalgam of their original shield and some new elements, the rope edge, the eagle and the leaf are all appliques.

The main sign was routed in two pieces and epoxied together and then the appliques were added. The leaf is 23 kt. gold leaf and the eagle is palladium, the nice thing about palladium is that it doesn't tarnish like silver does and it can be made to look just like the metal on an old shield.


On the right I'm adding the rope edge and the leaf to the police shield.



sugar mountain police crest badge adding apliques 320x240

The official seal of the Village of Sugar Mountain North Carolina

3ft town seal sandblasted zoom 320x240

sugar mountain village seals 4 inch 320x240

 On the left is the town seal or crest shown on the wall of the council chamber, It's 3 feet across and is sandblasted out of HDU. On the right are some of the seals we made for the street signs. They are 4" across, we managed to maintain the detail.


Below is a photo of some of the street signs in production, They are double faced with one side being continuous and the other has a notch in it which matches a notch in the post so that when they are fitted together there is a good tight fit. The letters are reflective 


 sugar mountain street signs with city seals 320x240

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bottom collage Lauren 1a 364x168

Some of what we create on a regular basis

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