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Sandblasted House and Home signs

Memorable signs that aren't "Over the top"

This is about some of the sandblasted home signs we have created over the last year or so, I always try to make my signs memorable with out getting too large or flashy,  And adding pictures to a sign can have unforeseen side effects that are not always welcome.
echo lake cottage boat 320x240echo cottage 320x240



By its very nature a sandblasted dimensional sign has quite a bit going on because of the shadows etc. created by making the raised letters and graphics. So its important not to get too much content because a sign that has too much going on will be ignored by just about everyone. We live in an age of information overload so anything that is "too much"gets filtered out by our brains.


 eagle point sandblasted HDU sign plus lasered applique 1 320x240Since we have added the laser machines to our equipment capabilities we are able to create scenes and logos with much more detail than we could with just sandblasting alone. . The sailing boat on the Echo cottage sign is about as detailed as we can get with sandblasting anything smaller gets blasted into infinity by the grains of sand.eagle point sandblasted HDU sign plus lasered applique 1 320x240



I like to make our signs memorable by their shape and content plus some color, adding a painted picture to a sign is a dangerous thing. The most beautiful picture when your viewing it from standing in front of it will become a grey blob from 15 ft away at 10 MPH 

 sandblasted hdu seven lakes west community sign with hand painted sunset classic signs nc 320x240


This was copied from an actual photo of the lake at sunset that the customer wanted to have on the sign and it looks great here. However from the other side of the traffic light 50 ft. away it looked very different and it became known as 

The Ham-burgher Signsandblasted hdu community sign with hand painted sunset classic signs nc 320x240


Sun sets and sun rises are always popular and by the nature of the position on the sign they are often similar but I never use the same artwork twice they are always customized for each customer. 

sandblasted home sign vanor 320x240


 yarrington sandblasted house sign 1024x768











We usually make the numbers from reflective material so they will show up well at night, in fact many sign ordinances require them to be reflective and of a certain size.friendly acres sandblasted house sign 320x240


You don't have to have them on the sign but when they are we often make them on a flat panel, that way if my clients ever move they can take the sign with them and have a new number applied. On this sandblasted sign the letters are painted black with black reflective vinyl applied on top. In the dark the letters stand out very clearly.

friendly acres reflective 320x240

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bottom collage Lauren 1a 364x168

Some of what we create on a regular basis

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