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Making a Sandblasted Condominium Sign with a Sunset

This sandblasted HDU (high density urethane) dimensional sign is for a condominium Association in Florida. They were wanting something that was long lasting and more importantly would withstand the harsh Floridian sunshine for as long as possible. crystal palms sandblasted condominium sign 1 560xscale

That's an easy thing to do if you have a very large budget. There are paint manufacturers that not only manufacturer very long lived paints but they also manufacture a clear coat that will double the longevity of the paint it is applied over. Tmoorglo paints1320x240he only problem is the paint is priced in the hundreds of dollars per gallon and the clear coat is $500.00 per gallon. This is the paint that they use at Disney on their exhibits and rides. When you have a small condo association with limited funds, that level of material is unfortunately not an option, so what can we do ?crystal palms sunset palm tree a 560xscale








In this instance we used the paint we normally use which is Benjamin Moore's Morglo soft gloss. I have been using it for 30 years and having tried almost all of the other manufacturers this is always the best, not only does it take less coats to cover well (2 coats of this vs. 5-6 coats of the econ-o brands from the big stores) but we always use at least 8-10 coats on this type of sign. The more paint the longer it takes the sun to burn it away. (yes it's a bit more complex than that but this is trying not to be too technical).

crystal palms sunset palm tree a 560xscalecrystal palms sunset palm tree c

 We created the circular applique using HDU on our laser.










HDU has zero moisture content therefore it never blisters the paint. It has a very low expansion/contraction factor which means it never splits or cracks the paint with temperature changes, The material doesn't crack, slit or warp, so the paint just very gradually is burnt away by the UV rays from the sun so it ages very gracefully.

crystal palms sunset palm tree d 560xscalecrystal palms sunset palm tree e 560xscale






On top of all that we use 5 or 6 coats of automotive clear coat as added UV protection.

 We give a 5 year warranty on these signs which translates into a life expectancy of 10-12 years ( in Florida ) and much longer as you move further north.

crystal palms sunset palm tree 1 560xscale

 In this instacnce they like the idea of the scene with the palm trees and the setting sun 


crystal palms sandblasted condominium sign 1 560xscale



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