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House and farm signs for specific animals and breeds

Sometimes we are asked to create signs portraying very specific breeds of animal and even actual animals. 

We try to stay away from painting pictures of actual animals for the reasons I gave in my last blog .sandblasted dog breeder sign 320x240

Why you shouldn't have painted portraits of anything on a sign where it will be veiwed from anywhere except directly in front of it. especially if the viewer is in a vehicle.

This is for a kennels and it was to be hung from a cross beam. As is often the case we don't always get to photograph the finished signs in situ as most are shipped.

 double j sandblasted horse farm sign 23kt gold leaf classic signs nc320x240




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With the double J sandblasted sign I took photos of the horses and turned them into characterizations so they aren't paintings, but when the horses stood behind the sign in the pasture it was pretty obvious what was being represented.

 Here are three specific dog breeds Boxer, Papillon & Bichon each sign is sandblasted HDU . Below there is a sandblasted sign we created for the owner of a Pembroke Corgi

boomgarden sandblasted house home sign boxer dog painting classic signs nc 246x260

gerney sandblasted bichon house sign from classic signs nc 290x262massimo custom sandblasted papillon house home sign classic signs nc 320x240







A Pembroke Corgi and his best friend
pembroke pines sandblasted house sign with pembroke corgi classic signs nc 220x180ish


 The Little back dog just wouldn't stay still for the photo; never mind the star did.


This beach house sign was designed for a couple who have three English Bull dogs and I noted that the owner mentioned how the dogs loved to go for walks on the beach, and as they were naming the house "Paws on the Beach" it seemed to be a logical progression that that's what the sign should be about.

 paws on the beach 2 320x240

  This boxer silhouette was created on our laser from  apeice of acrilic for a client who wanted it for her son who had lost a boxer the year before and now had a new one. I was able to obtain photos of both dogs and converted them into silhouettes.

silhouettes of two boxers  laser cut from acrylic  320x240



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bottom collage Lauren 1a 364x168

Some of what we create on a regular basis

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