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Creating two sets of HDU Capstones 36 feet wide

The routed and formed HDU entrance signs for Calvert City

calvert city 22 capstone installation almost finished finished classic signs nc1280x1024

We were asked if we could quote on a couple of 12 ft. wide by 3 ft. high routed HDU monument signs for a city in western Kentucky. That wasn't so unusual but then they asked us to quote on the two of sets of capstones as well.

calvert city 01 capstone arch being laminated on  form 3 classic signs nc320x240

calvert city 02 capstone arch being laminated on  form 2 classic signs nc320x240

 Creating the form to shape the HDU

That was different . We started by creating an exact replica of the arch that the contractor who was building the monument was going to cast in formed concrete. each half of arch was accurate to within 0.063". it was about 16 foot wide and 4 feet high, each would represent half of the total arch for each monument. As each capstone had to be 4 " thick we cut numerous slices into the back of each layer and started to shape them onto our form.

We welded the layers together using HDU glue, and clamped everything then left it to cure overnight

calvert city 07 capstone in production 2 classic signs nc320x240



 The column capstones were formed out of HDU and glued together and when all of the individual sections were finished being shaped and formed we tried fitting them together to see how the measured up to the architects drawings. calvert city 10 capstone arch checking fit classic signs nc320x240


When we were happy every thing fitted properly we started to sand and then to prime them with a two part polyester primer that provides a really good hard coat.

calvert city 12 capstone parts receiving 2 part hard coat primer 3 classic signs nc320x240


 calvert city 11 capstone parts receiving 2 part hard coat primer 2 classic signs nc320x240

 Although it sounds very simple now I'm writing about it after the event it actually took three weeks to create these HDU capstones.
calvert city 17 routed sign face 1 classic signs nc 320x240

Next we started the HDU routed signs.

They were glued up as HDU doesn't come in anything longer than 10 feet and put onto the CNC router. Where the letters and outline were "hogged" out.

Then into the paint room to be primed and painted. and finally finished off by hand painting the letters.

calvert city 18 routed hdu sign face being painted classic signs nc320x240

Until they are properly mounted and installed they could break if hit hard enough so we fitted out our big box trailer and screwed everything down nice and tight for the  650 mile drive. 

calvert city 21 capstone installation 3 classic signs nc320x240calvert city 20 capstone installation 1 classic signs nc320x240

I spent a day and a half with three of my clients employees installing the first set of HDU capstones.

They picked it up quite quickly and I then set out on my way home.


As is often the case with out of town customers we aren't often there when the installation is finished . Over the last 30 odd years we have never once had any reports of clients having a problem with installation  If I can't be there in person I usually send detailed instructions and we design the signs so that they can be installed by anyone who can use a screw driver and dig a hole.

calvert city capstone installation finished 3 classic signs nc320x240

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