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Classic signs and have been creating beutiful well designed and manufactured signs in Pinehurst for almost 30 years

This page doesn't show any vinyl or printed signs but we do make them along with real estate signs, vehicle lettering, banners and every other type of sign We will never expect you to design your own signs unless you want to, and you will always get a friendly and courteous reception when you arrive. If you have been given a less than friendly greeting at other establishments you wont have that problem with us.

Look at some of the signs we have made in Pinehurst.

 If you don't know who we are the easyest way to intoduce ourselves to you is by looking at this. click here

Pinehurst Community entrance signs 

We have made a lot of community and subdivision signs in and around Pinehurst. From "Village Acres" to Pinewild, 

Number six, Number 7 and Number 9 golf communities. Even other local towns and communities such as Seven Lakes, FoxFire and Whispering Pines. All of these signs are custom designed and created by us in our workshop / studio in Aberdeen. Many of the communities have gold leaf to add a little sparkle without being too flashy.

pinehurst manor sandblasted hdu sign 23kt gold prismatic letters classic signs nc 319x238

pinewild entrance sandblasted hdu sign with 23kt gold classic signs nc 320x240





pinehurst wee lad fairwoods 7 community entrance 3d sign classic signs nc 320x240
Home and house signs in Pinehurst as well as Farm signs

 There are also many House and Home signs that we have designed and created in Pinehurst. Most of the home signs on Midland Rd. especially between the traffic circle and the vilage. Then in the various golf and residential communities within and without the corporate village limits. Some like the "Donnelly" sign below is a double faced sandblasted 3 dimensional sign with added (almost invisible ) clear acrylic faces to stop the Nut Hatches from trying to drill holes into it and sometimes its just a numeral. .

sandblasted hdu house sign with anti woodpecker acrylic faces classic signs nc 320x240

number 9 v grooved house sign and post finished in black and 23kt gold leaf from classic signs nc150x194

deodara sandblasted hdu cottage sign classic signs nc 320x240

Business signs In Pinehurst Village 

From the Tufts Library to Magnolia Place, we have made a lot of Pinehurst's business signage, always striving to make them look relaxed but still keeping an attractive, clear, legible and may I say interesting designs and appearance. The uniform "all signs look the same " is fine for a modern strip mall or similar but a village as eclectic in its layout, buildings and characters should never be given the cookie cutter look it would destroy all the charm an everything that makes Pinehurst the interesting and intriguing place it is.

denkers sandblasted shop sign hdu from classic signs nc 220x165

gentlemens corner sandblasted sign with 23kt gold leaf to fit architectural feature classic signs nc 220x170dental design dentist sign sandblasted business resaurant sign classic signs nc 320x240lady bedford hand carved bas relief with 23kt gold prismatic letters on sandblasted sign by classic signs nc 300x169robbins may sandblasted hdu office park sign classic signs nc 320x240

old style village sign remade in pvc magnolia place pvc acrylic classic signs nc 320x240

theos restaurant cast molded hdu signblank sign classic signs nc 200x150
Golf course entrance signs and directional signs

Pinehurst and Golf are synonymous. At one time or another we have made signs for over 70% of the entrance and/or  course signs in the surrounding area. We have a range of "cast" golf signs that are 3 D and look exactly like sandblasted or carved signs but are much more reasonably priced and will last longer than regular sandblasted signs. This type of cast / molded sign is also available as street and traffic directional signs for the communities woven throughout the golf courses. (These also work for any community). Of course we always design and create hundreds of custom golf entrance signs. These signs can be manufactured and shipped anywhere in the country.

carts crossing cast polyester or hdu golf course sign from classic signs nc­ sm

pinehurst national 9 security gate community signs sandblasted 3d sign classic signs nc 320x240
pinehurst fairwoods 7 community entrance 3d sign classic signs nc1280x1024320x240
At one time or another we have made signs for most of the golf courses in the county

School signs in Pinehurst village
west pine sandblasted cat routed hdu letters from classic signs nc 300x169old style school sign remade in pvc classic signs nc 320x240Moore cty schools small

Pinehurst doesn't have too many schools so I added a couple that relate. the Pinehurst Elementrysign is similar to the Razooks sign. We had to recreate an exact image of the original signs that had rotted awy to comply with the village ordinance, so both we remade on PVC and as the paint was drying we dragged course brushes over them so the paint had brush markes everywhere , that way they look like old wooden signs that have been repainted many times.

The county school emblem was sandblasted and carved and as well as paint we gilded part of it with 23 kt. gold leaf and copper leaf.. West Pine was individual custom cut 3D letters and a sandblasted  Tiger head. (We donated that one)


signs for the Pinehurst resort and the Carolina Inn






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Vehicle, Truck and Trailer Signs

This type of sign can be for trucks, and tractor trailers all the way to a 6" sign on a bicycle. It can be permanent, semi permanent, temporary or removable (magnetic) so you can use it when you want to.furguson farm vinyl truck lettering classic signs nc 220x180ish

The best and longest lasting is to mask the vehicle and paint the sign with proper automotive paints and clear coats. Almost no one does that any more its to expensive and when you want to sell the vehicle it can't be removed, reducing the resale value.

Vinyl is the best option for most It can be warranted for up to 8 years with a longer life expectancy than that and it can be removed later if required.

Digital prints and wraps are only warranted for 3-4 years and can be very expensive, I'm not saying they're no good but for many the cost is too much. 

box truck decals classic signs nc 220x180ish

The first wrap you ever saw you stared at and studied because it was so new. How many do you look at today? So many wraps are so complex (graphically speaking ) that you see them but have no idea what they are promoting, I have seen some that as I followed through traffic I tried to see what it was advertising and I never did find out, some one spent $2-3,000 and wasted their money. There are some rules of signage and the use of color that should'nt ever be taken lightly.
vinyl numbers vintage race car classic signs nc 320x240

Better to Keep it simple, What you do is very important for most businesses or trades even more so than your name to start with. Then contact information, logos are important if you have several vehicles and you want brand recognition, but not essential.. Put your self in the position of a customer. How often do you look for just a logo when you are looking for a new supplier? Remember signs are for those folks who have never read your sign before after that it will be ignored. Vehicle signage is probably the cheapest and best advertising you will ever find, and yet its only for folks who have never seen you before.They'll be subconsciously asking a few questions during those short, precious seconds it takes for them to see your truck. Here's what they are:

specialty pharmacy vehical lettering sign classic signs nc 220x180ish

What do they do?

Do they work in my area?

How do I get in touch with them?

What's their name?

My, what a nice logo!

Give them all that and you have new customers.


 vinyl truck lettering classic signs nc 320x240 deputy dawg food trailer vinyl didgital print classic signs nc 320x240








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Veterinary and Animal Hospital Signs

Signs for veterinary offices and animal hospitals like any other profession take many forms. Whatever type of Veterinary office you decide to have  churton animal hospital sandblasted and routed v groove veterinary sign with gold leaf by classic signs ncwe can design and produce  a sign for you that will attract the attention of folks passing by and will stay looking good for a very long time. Our animal hospital  and veterinary signs are made from the most durable materials and high quality paints. Sandhills veterinary sandblasted hdu sign the dogs are the supports for the sign classic signs nc 640x480320x240

The way your vets office sign is seen by the public will set the way you are perceived by them, so its our job to design a noticeable and memorable sign that instills a sense of confidence so they feel safe in bringing their beloved pets to you. I have used the same vet for 27 years and he has always had at least three animals at any given time to look after, I think the most was seven! 


claiborne veterinary  sign sandblasted hdu with wood-grain effect from classic signs nc

veterinary sandblasted hdu sign with woodgrain effect classic signs nc









Anyway we all love our pets  So why not have us design a veterinary sign that tells the public you do too?


 Here is a small gallery so you can see the photos better 



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Changeable copy signs

changeable copy and sandblated hdu church sign prismatic gold leaf letters 1 classic signs nc320x240Changeable copy signs are great if you want to get a simple message across to your customers or members and that message changes freequently.

ethridge 1 320x240Often they are internally lit but we have created many that are not and they work just fine. They can be incorporated into another sign whether is a simple vinyl sign  or a sandblasted  or back lit sign.


Neither West End Church or Etheridge is internally lit 

roseland church changeable copy sign classic signs nc 320x240

These changeable copy signs can be as small as a menu board / cabinet out side something like a restaurant or they can have 12 inch letters( or even larger) for a church or gas station


Roseland Church is a fully internally lit sign, St Mary Magdalene is an HDU monument with an aluminum lit sign cabinet built in. The sheild at the top is back-lit with LEDs.

st mary hdu chuurch monument sign with changeable copy shield and message light up classic signs nc 2 320x240

The changeable letters are usually sold in sets. 300 is common, however lager sets are available as are  individual letters. Churches often require extra "S's"

 abeerdeen florist sandblasted hdu sign cangeable copy from classic signs nc 320x240

We often incorporate lockable anti vandal covers if the changeable letter sign is anywhere where some smart Alec could get to it and change the message to something undesirable. 

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Gold Leaf Signs | Metal Leaf Signs

Gold and metal leaf can give you an edge when viewed by potential customers. Gilding or Leafing is a beautiful finish and lasts for a long time without refinishing.
Manufactured by: Classic Signs and Signblasters, an award winning family business creating signs for the USA and the Caribbean.

old farm village 2 custom sandblasted community sign 23kt gold leaf classic signs nc orchard falls sub division sandblasted community sign with gold leaf classic signs nc

Gold and Metal Leaf on Signs

The thing about gold and other real metal leaf is it looks beautiful; it's classy and grabs people's attention. Even when the sun isn't shining directly on it, gold and other metal leaves can glow.

It gets noticed which means its working at the job it was purchased to do,  
Being seen and noticed in a positive way

Whether right or wrong your business or community is being judged every day by the way folks see and interpret your sign, This is where Classic signs and Signblasters can help you we have been creating beautiful and memorable signs for about 30 years . We can design and produce the whole sign in house for you usually in a matter of weeks. 

If you are a business it can bring in more customers and if your'e  not a business it is still getting your sign seen!

sweet basil sandblasted hdu copper leaf hanging classic signs nc To qualify that; all signs, not just gold leaf signs can get attention without being gaudy of flashy; it isn't the biggest or the flashiest signs that work best, its the most noticable and memorable that earn on your behalf.

Gold leaf looks just as wonderful on a rustic country sign as it does on a very formal professional sign. If integrated into the sign design correctly gold leaf will work almost anywhere.

micasa custom sandblasted oriental style sign gold leaf on blue classic signs nc The application of gold or other metal leaf on signs, whether routed or sandblasted gives the sign a real "edge". The letters pop out at you and glow like embers in a fire.

Our most popular metals are; Gold leaf, Palladium leaf, copper leaf with varigated leaf coming up close behind.

Silver and palladium leaf is a design alternative that works well with contemporary and modern sign designs. We use palladium, because like gold, it does not tarnish, and we always clear coat copper because it could if left to the open air, the same goes for varigated leaves of all kinds. We always coat any metal leaf that can tarnish with numerous coats of a two part catalized clear coat to protect it for many many years.

mr ps sandblasted hdu sign with routed appliqued letters gilded with palladium from classic signs nc

Mister P's sign was sandblasted hdu and we used palladium on the prismatic letters, as the customer wanted a sandblasted sign that was really different but very effective. Metal leaf on this sign gives a cool contemporary look.

23ktgold custom letters sandblast routed villone hdu business sign classic signs nc 299

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bottom collage Lauren 1a 364x168

Some of what we create on a regular basis

Signs we manufacture are used for but limited to: Business signs, shops signs, restaurant signs, condominium Signs, subdivision signs, golf course signs, street signs, housings development signs, salon signs, beauty parlor signs, real estate signs, commercial signs, industrial signs, house signs, farm signs, beach house signs, resort signs, traffic signs, hotel & inn signs, pub signs, vehicle signs, interior & ada signs, boat signs, truck signs, office signs professional signs, trail signs wall sign, entrance signs, lobby signs, street name signs, outdoor signs, custom signs, mall signs, retail signs , marina signs, architectural signs.

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