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 Why not make a road trip for a long weekend. 

We will help you design a beautiful carved or sandblasted home sign, and assist you with the complete creation of that sign from design to finish, in our sign studio conveniently located just 4  miles from the center of the beautiful Village of Pinehurst in central North Carolina.

Just think how satisfying it would be to have a beautiful sign outside your home or farm and be able to tell your friends in complete truth that you made it yourself with your own hands.

 3 maples 2 front 320x240

Three Maples is a Mountain Cabin sign

It can be as simple as one of our standard cast sign blanks which you can paint and letter, or it can be as complex as a carved wooden or HDU (high-density urethane) multi-level sign with a hand (or machine) carved emblem or logo. 

The "Allen" sign is a cast generic sign blank from our selection of over 20 ready-made sign-blanks we have in our studio. The letters and emblem were cut on our laser, as was the fisherman. it was a simple project to put them all together & paint them.allen unc1 320x240

cornerstone farm hdu routed farm sign 23kt gold leaf with fox classic signs nc 160x120

denali farm delivery ent custom hanging sandblasted sign 23ktgold letters classic signs nc 300x169

Silverbell Ranch, Cornerstone Farm & Denali Farm signs

Don't worry if you do not have the requisite skills as we will step in and help you with any aspect of your personal sign that you can't quite manage on your own. 

silverbell v grove routed hdu ranch sign 23kt gold leaf signblasters com320x240

Depending on the type and method of home sign you want it could include some or many of the steps listed below.

  • Design
  • Choosing the sign-blank (if using a cast sign-blank)
  • Cutting or machining the shape.
  • Generating the sandblast stencil 
  • Sandblasting or routing the sign
  • Cutting custom letters to be appliqued to it
  • Carving, machining, or lasering an emblem or dimensional scene
  • Assembling everything
  • Painting 
  • Preparing and applying any specialty finishes such as 23 kt. gold leaf.
  • Finishing
  • shaping and painting/staining the post or mounting structure
  • Instruction on the correct way to install it when you return home.

paws sandblasted HDU sign1 320x240

"Paws on the Beach" is a  sandblasted HDU Beach House sign with the dogs carved & added on as appliques and the paws were engraved into the beach with our laser. this sign has 6 different levels.

Pick-up & drop-off from airports is available, as is arranging accommodation from a comfortable B&B to rooms at the famous Carolina Inn in Pinehurst.

"Carolina on my mind" is a beach house sign

beach house sign sandblasted hdu classic signs nc320x240We can help you with bits and pieces while you do everything else or you can sit back and watch us make the sign for you from start to finish with you just helping with some of the more simple parts under our direction.

forever young 1 lakehouse sandblasted sign classic signs nc 426x360

nied a rest lakehouse sandblasted sign classic signs nc 160x120JPG

"Forever Young" and "Nied-a-Rest" are Lake House signs

Prices can range from $100.00 dollars to $2000.00 Although the majority cost between $300-$700 if we produce them for you.

The cost for you to produce your own sign depends totally on:

  • The time it takes to get the design right 
  • The complexity of the sign (How many different processes we have to go through to produce it).
  • Size and shape
  • Type of material its made from
  • The amount and type of paints used.
  • Whether any gilding is required

You should be prepared to spend three days with us although during that time there will be plenty of time for sightseeing and whatever else you would like to do. The reason for this is that there has to be time for the numerous coats of paint to dry. 2-3 hours between each and we apply at least 5 coats.

The last two clients that worked with us to create their signs took 2 days and 3 days respectively 

We charge $55.00/hr when we are actively working with you on your sign we do not charge you when we are working with other customers so the average cost of making your own sign is about $350-$450 however you should end up with a sign that would normally cost 50-100% more than that as we usually produce more complex signs when people are working on their own project

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Why not use the form on the left to start the inquiry process and find out more about our sign classes or call us on 800.948.4307 and ask for Trevor. 
I will be happy to answer any questions you have.


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