Beach and Lake House Signs

 svensk sandblasted hdu hs sign in progress6 classic signs nc 320x240

Classic Signs can create a personalized look especially for you and your property.  If there are special items you want to be incorporated in your sign, we will go out of our way to incorporate them in the design: simple signs to more elaborate signs, we can make them all.


fatcity custom sandblasted house sign with appliqued letters palladium classic signs nc smallThe examples on this page are from contemporary designs to very traditional vacation house signage. We always try to design your lake or beach house signs to fit with the style and architecture of the home it will be identifying alongside your ideas and design requirementsbreezy shores sandblasted beach house home sign from classic signs nc 300x169





Lake house signs and beach house signs add that extra special something to your house, welcoming all who visit.


 need a rest lakehouse sandblasted sign classic signs nc 426x360  .

 Nied-a-Rest and Forever Young  are lake house signs near Chicagoforever young 1 lakehouse sandblasted sign classic signs nc 426x360

 Most of the sandblasted signs we make these days are produced from HDU (High-Density-Urethane) a very durable material that will never rot and we can make it look just like sandblasted redwood or cedar. Looking at this page all of the signs are made from HDU with the exception of the very bottom sign which is cast/molded polyester. Another material that will never rot.

We do still produce signs from real wood but it is getting rather expensive to buy these days. I'm talking about real clear, all heart, vertical grain, old-growth cedar, and redwood be vary careful. There are plenty of companies out there that use construction-grade redwood and it can rot out in 5-7 years. The top grades should last from 20-50 years


 windy hawk multi level sandblasted hdu sign woodgrain effect 800x600 classic signs nc


sea js sandblasted beach house home sign from classic signs nc300x169


The Sea-J's sign is for a person who owns a concrete company hence the truck! 

 Many of our house & beach house signs now include a laser-carved multilevel logo or scene at no extra charge just like the sandbox below and Windy Hawk above 

 sandbox 1 beach house sign 320x240

 sasafrass molded cast redwood sign blank hand painted house home sign classic signs nc 300x169






The sign above is a sign handpainted at the beach and is the Sassafrass, one of our HDU molded and cast signs.


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Some of what we create on a regular basis

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