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How do I get a wooden sign that will not..... rot, crack, warp, split, blister,bleed or peel and last for more than 50 years?


Easy - use a cast/molded Polyester signblank from Classic Signs


If you have a need for something really tough use Classic's solid polyester/solid urethane signblanks.



Classic Signs is unusual in it's ability to mold and cast signs in a couple of different mediums. On this page we talk about our

Solid Polyester Molded Signblanks

We can use the same mold for different materials. This means that your signs can all be identical to look at, but some will be so strong you can drive over them with a golf cart. The others will just outlive most of us.


All heart vertical grain redwood looks beautiful when sandblasted, and so for many of our signblanks that is what we used to make the masters. That master is then taken and a mold is made. From that mold we then cast our signblanks either in HDU (high density urethane ) or in solid polyester or solid urethane (depending on the project).


The result is a molded signblank that looks and feels exactly like the original item, down to a microscopic level. It is so exact you cannot tell the difference until you dig into it with a knife.



It is resistant to heat and cold, it has zero moisture content, it does expand and contract more than HDU but it won't rot, crack, warp, split, or bleed.

If it is kept painted it will last indefinitely, that's a very long time so we just claim it will last for 50 years or more.

We have many signs that are now about 23 years old that still look great.

We recomend repainting every 6-8 years to look their best depending on your location the color, and type of paint etc.


For everyday commercial use we recommend our HDUsignblanks. (see our gallery) It's when we get into more specialized usage that we suggest Polyester molded signs. Anywhere they are in danger of being hit hard; golf balls, animals, lawn mowers even vandalism.






If there is a good chance your sign may be at risk.

Damage by animals to signs is rare, but if it does happen it usually occurs where there are no humans, at the far end of a golf course or on a walking or hiking trail. These are the type of locations we recommend our Polyester signblanks.

Polyester signblanks are also recommendedfor traffic signage; Speed limit signs, stop signs etc.

See video super tough signs


Solid polyester


For signs in high traffic areas and "in the line of fire" on golf courses etc. Or any where damage is likely to occur this is the material to use. We have heard stories of signs sometimes being damaged by woodpeckers and squirrels even bears, if that might be the case for your project then this is the correct material for it.




Custom Molded


I you are in need of a lot of signs for a resort or a golf course or maybe even a walking or hiking trail, we can provide you with the right product at the right price and save you a lot of money.


Some signs will always need to be custom made, however once we get to secondary and tertiary signs, street name signs and trail or directional signs, making molds and casting them is practical, attractive and very cost effective.


Plus if the individual sign blanks are lettered using vinyl, when a sign is no longer needed don't throw it away, remove the vinyl letters and reuse it . Recycling at its best and you don't have to buy a new sign.


When we create custom molds for our clients we usually include their logo or emblem in the master sign that we make the mold from. This way your logo is an integral part of every sign.


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Featured Sign of the Month

Uwharrie Point Country Club Main Entrance

This PVC Monument Sign is approx 8ft high by 14ft. wide and was originally made from Redwood. After approx 25 years it had rotted. The board of the residents association were very keen to keep the original appearance exactly the same as the original but they wanted it to be from a material that wouldn't rot.  We had access to  the original architects drawings, so we set about converting the plans into a computer file engineered to be made from PVC and aluminum but to look exactly like the original. Every piece of coving and molding was made in house, and then assembled into three pieces which were transported to the site where it was assembled. The whole monument sign was painted with six coats of a high quality Benjamin Moore latex paint ( it lasts longer on PVC than paints costing over $100 .00/gall more. Then apart from the center panel all of the monument was painted once more by brush and as it was drying the brushes were dragged carefully along the length of each section creating a wood grain effect; thus removing any appearance of the sign looking plastic.

uwharrie point entrance sign pvc monument classic signs nc 900x536