Prismatic Appliqued Letter Signs

blue farm house home-farm sign gold leaf prismatic letters classic signs nc 300x169A prismatic routed letter adds more than just one extra dimension to a normal sign. Whether it is a sandblasted sign or a custom routed sign, it makes a huge difference to its visual effect; it creates a whole new look to any sign, so if its a classy impact you are looking for this is a great way to do it.

Signs only make you money if they get noticed and what a stylish way this is to do just that. Prismatic letters really get peoples attention.

Many of our Prismatic letters are created from either hdu or PVC. Then the letters are carefully and painstakingly prepared before being gilded with 23kt gold or other metal leaf. This gives a unique finish which cannot be reproduced or replicated using paint. Of course if the project calls for it we sometimes just paint them.

Prismatic letters have a multi-angle surface which when gilded with gold or other metal leaf such as silver, (we use palladium as it, like gold, never tarnishes, it looks similar to silver, but slightly darker and denser in color). This means that wherever the light source originates, some part of the letters are catching the light and reflecting it.sheldrake apartments PVC hdu custom built monument sign classic signs nc--300x169

This style of prismatic letter reflects light in many directions giving a wonderful glow that is long lasting and creates a striking, classy look to any exterior or interior signage.

Copper leaf and variegated leaf also give a wonderful warm feeling to a sign when applied to prismatic letters. They need to be clear coated, we apply 6 coats of an automotive two part catalyzed finish to ensure itWhispering pines golf club sandblasted monument sign with appliqued prismatic lettering from classic signs nc 200x127 lasts for many, many years.

The prismatic letters on this Sheldrake sign have been given a 23 kt. gold outline which gives the black prismatic letters further definition on a white background. This makes the sign stand out, is very clear and easy to read and looks very professional.

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Featured Sign of the Month

Uwharrie Point Country Club Main Entrance

This PVC Monument Sign is approx 8ft high by 14ft. wide and was originally made from Redwood. After approx 25 years it had rotted. The board of the residents association were very keen to keep the original appearance exactly the same as the original but they wanted it to be from a material that wouldn't rot.  We had access to  the original architects drawings, so we set about converting the plans into a computer file engineered to be made from PVC and aluminum but to look exactly like the original. Every piece of coving and molding was made in house, and then assembled into three pieces which were transported to the site where it was assembled. The whole monument sign was painted with six coats of a high quality Benjamin Moore latex paint ( it lasts longer on PVC than paints costing over $100 .00/gall more. Then apart from the center panel all of the monument was painted once more by brush and as it was drying the brushes were dragged carefully along the length of each section creating a wood grain effect; thus removing any appearance of the sign looking plastic.

uwharrie point entrance sign pvc monument classic signs nc 900x536