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The Managing Director of our company started art school at the age of 11, then went to engineering college and finally art college. Because of his rather unusual

education Classic Signs produces several types of sign that are created and manufactured only by us.

There are companies that cast and mold HDU (high density urethanes) and others that do the same using solid polyester or urethanes, however we believe we are the only custom sign company using all three on a daily basis, in the USA.

That fact gives us capabilities that many other sign companies lack. (That means no insult to other sign companies, we all have our own special niche, but in the area of creating something special for you or your project we believe we have a distinct advantage.)

From 10 ft tall tooth brushes to hurricane resistant beach signs for a Florida City or a sign that emulated the building it sits in front of.



Edglit signs are a really attractive way of making a subtle and tasteful statement which give information but is easy on the eyes.

This picture of this large edglit sign was taken after installation in a local medical office. They wanted to make a big statement but did not want it to form a physical barrier blocking part of the waiting room, so we suggested that they try an edglit sign, and explained to them that the light comes in from the sides and the top and is refracted by the sandblasted text, but the physical size of the sign left a lot of clear space, so it did not enclose any part of the waiting room but there is not a single person that enters that reception and doesn't see that sign.

Most edglit signs are no bigger than 36 ins. in one dimension, because light doesn't like to travel too far inside glass or acrylic. However as you can clearly see here we can make it work in a five foot by seven foot piece. It gets a lot of attention and looks very .... well, what can I say? it works! The frames can be designed to fit any decor, traditional or contemporary. This one has both.

We once produced over 160 dimensional signs, many consisted of compex routed and carved pieces on sandblasted backgrounds; from the first telephone contact to delivery in Miami the project was completed in under 3 weeks.

We are ready and able to start on your project; call us or use one of our contact forms and set us to work for you.

labadee resort welcome signs hdu custom routed sandblasted signage classic signs nc 200x136The photographs in the sliding gallery above show

  • Two 10ft. tooth brushes in production (unfinished)
  • Business Directory sign with prismatic Paladium custom cut letters.
  • Driftwood molded HDU sign.
  • Tarheel Hatchery HDU business monument sign.
  • Sheldrake apartment sign pvc and hdu custom monument
  • Pioneer Lakes hdu community sign weathered bronze effect.

labadee resort signs hdu custom routed sandblasted signage classic signs nc 200x107


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Featured Sign of the Month

Uwharrie Point Country Club Main Entrance

This PVC Monument Sign is approx 8ft high by 14ft. wide and was originally made from Redwood. After approx 25 years it had rotted. The board of the residents association were very keen to keep the original appearance exactly the same as the original but they wanted it to be from a material that wouldn't rot.  We had access to  the original architects drawings, so we set about converting the plans into a computer file engineered to be made from PVC and aluminum but to look exactly like the original. Every piece of coving and molding was made in house, and then assembled into three pieces which were transported to the site where it was assembled. The whole monument sign was painted with six coats of a high quality Benjamin Moore latex paint ( it lasts longer on PVC than paints costing over $100 .00/gall more. Then apart from the center panel all of the monument was painted once more by brush and as it was drying the brushes were dragged carefully along the length of each section creating a wood grain effect; thus removing any appearance of the sign looking plastic.

uwharrie point entrance sign pvc monument classic signs nc 900x536