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House and Home Signs
House and home signs created in HDU either carved sandblasted or molded can give your home a finishing touch to complement its external decor.
Manufactured by: Classic Signs and Signblasters, an award-winning family company serving the Eastern coast of the USA and the Caribbean.

Home Signs help identify residences and homes.

 number 9 v grooved house sign and post finished in black and 23kt gold leaf from classic signs nc 443x650

elliot sandblasted house sign bas relief bass stone hdu finish from classic signs nc smallA Home Sign can be anything from an individual home sign number to an elaborate multilevel dimensional House Sign, or literally one of the hundreds of other types of home signs.

Your Home Sign can be purely informational and anonymous ... just a number on your house sign can sometimes be enough and look very classy.


In many suburban areas, it might be considered wise not to put too much information on your home identifying sign. ...anonymous home signs.


If you are new to an area it can create talking points with like-minded people.


Just to show there are no rules here are a few things we have worked into home signs over the years.


  • Home signs in the shape of a state or country.
  • Names: first names, last names, kids names even the pets names. 
  • National flags on home signs; Irish, Italian, English, Scottish etc.
  • National emblems carved into home signs; shamrock, maple leaf etc.gerney sandblasted bichon house sign from classic signs nc 150x160
  • Home signs with symbols of hobbies sandblasted or carved into them; Golf, Fishing, Playing cards, Nascar, this list is endless.
  • Cats, Dogs and other pets, often painted on home signs.
  • Home signs with beach scenes
  • Sunsets across, lakes, the sea, mountains, deserts, forests and rivers to name just a few home sign scenes.
  • Paintings of homes and farms on house and farm signs
  • Military emblems of all kinds; sandblasted, carved or painted on home signs
  • Airplanes or aeroplanes, boats or cars, especially vintage ones.


the bournes house home sign sandblasted routed goldleaf classic signs nc 200x267This list is almost infinite. We have even done one home sign that had both golf and sailing pictures on it, plus the names of the father and his 3 kids, the mother and her 2 kids, a dog and 2 cats. it was crowded but it kept everyone happy and is still looking good after 11 years, I think most of the kids have finished college now, the Mom and Dad look more relaxed.

I guess what we are saying is there are no rules within reason, it's whatever makes you happy.

All of our home signs can have reflective numbers


Because there are so many types of House Signs, here is a list of some of the house signs that we manufacture, and photographs of many house signs that we have designed and created.


 "Home  Signs" can be made from many materials

  • Metal home sign Letters. Metal sign letters are usually aluminum or brass although steel and stainless steel sign letters can be used when needed;  gold and metal leafing of sign letters is very common and can look very classy and respectable if done correctly.
  • Wooden Signs and Letters. We can still make home sign letters and signs from real wood if requested but there are so many materials out there now, that last much longer and look better for longer, there is a lot less maintenance than when we use wood, plus our new materials can be made to look just like the real thing.
  • High-Density Foam or HDU. This is probably the most versatile material for making home signs used in the western world today. Originally developed for the aerospace industry, it comes in many forms and densities, from nuclear submarines to aeroplanes, steering wheels, dashboards in your car and insulation in your home. Of course, the density we use in the sign industry is a lot stronger than what is sprayed onto the walls of your home. It can be sandblasted, carved, machined and if you have the knowledge and equipment, it can be molded. We are the only custom sign company in the USA to manufacture this type of amazingly versatile molded sign. HDU although very versatile, is not the right material for every home sign, so we also have the ability to make our molded home sign blanks in much heavier and denser materials, both solid polyesters and urethanes are used depending on what the job calls for.
  • Molded HDU home sign blanks. The masters for these signs are manufactured by us in-house mostly from "clear all heart vertical grain old growth redwood ". The accuracy of the molding process is down to a microscopic level, this means that you cannot tell the difference between it and the real thing unless you cut into it. The big difference is that the Classic Signs Molded sign will never crack, split warp or rot, because it has no moisture content, as all wood has; and the paint will never blister or crack. It will simply age gracefully and if you keep it painted, it will last indefinitely. These make beautiful house signs that can be hand painted, carved/routed or simply lettered with vinyl so that it looks just like a sandblasted redwood sign but costs considerably less.

  • Polyester or urethane Molded home sign Blanks. Molded in a very similar way to the HDU home signs above, these home sign blanks are very solid and heavier and will stand up to much more abuse than the HDU. Used in locations where damage can often occur eg. rural roads where vandalism can happen, golf courses. nature trails, beaches, anywhere where either nature man or animals may do them damage, whether by design or not.

  • Pvc home signs. PVC is a good choice where a very strong sign is called for but molded solid polyester or urethane signs are not an option due to the quantity required or budget will not allow. Not quite as versatile as HDU it is still a good option
  • Cast aluminum and bronze home signs. Although this is one of the few types of signs we do not make in-house, we are a distributor for one of the country's leading cast metal sign foundries.  A good quality cast aluminum or bronze sign can cost somewhat more than our custom signs and we feel that the choices of shapes, fonts and graphics are rather limiting.  If you want a simple cast bronze sign, we will be more than happy to quote you, but more often than not we can get you something very similar for a more reasonable cost.
  • Sandblasted rocks, marble, granite, etc. Again, we are more than happy to offer these home signs but due to the weight and the cost of shipping, we tend to only do these signs on a local basis. 
  • Sandblasted bricks, pavers and stepping stones.  Follow this link for more information. 
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Featured Sign of the Month

Uwharrie Point Country Club Main Entrance

This PVC Monument Sign is approx 8ft high by 14ft. wide and was originally made from Redwood. After approx 25 years it had rotted. The board of the residents association were very keen to keep the original appearance exactly the same as the original but they wanted it to be from a material that wouldn't rot.  We had access to  the original architects drawings, so we set about converting the plans into a computer file engineered to be made from PVC and aluminum but to look exactly like the original. Every piece of coving and molding was made in house, and then assembled into three pieces which were transported to the site where it was assembled. The whole monument sign was painted with six coats of a high quality Benjamin Moore latex paint ( it lasts longer on PVC than paints costing over $100 .00/gall more. Then apart from the center panel all of the monument was painted once more by brush and as it was drying the brushes were dragged carefully along the length of each section creating a wood grain effect; thus removing any appearance of the sign looking plastic.

uwharrie point entrance sign pvc monument classic signs nc 900x536