Molded / Cast Signblanks

Signblasters and Classic Signs is probably the only custom / production sign company in the USA that is capable of creating a master and mold, and then casting HDU or polyester sign blanks in house on a daily basis.

Giving us the capability to duplicate the original molded sign blank in quantities; not only very cost effectively, but also from either long lasting HDU or almost indestructible polyester.cobble-creek molded resin sign cedar  unbreakable 320x240

Shown on the right:

  1. The white sign at top is an actual sandblasted peice of western red cedar(grade A & better) it has been painted with white primer to bond the surface particles of cedar together.
  2. The pink item is a silicone rubber mold created from the white cedar master above it.
  3. The third item is a cast made in the pink mold that replicates the original cedar sandblasted sign above. It is cast in solid polyester resin strengthened with micro spheres of glass insted if glass fibers; this makes the finished cast lighter and stronger than just the resin alone.

The finshed sign will last for many, many years it won't rot and it is impervious to birds and insects, as well as mold and fungus. The finished item looks and feels exactly like the original cedar sandblasted sign it was created from, down to a microscopic level. This means until you pick it up it is impossibe to tell the difference bettween the wooden cedar master and the cast polyester sign. It is heavier than the cedar because it is much denser and consequently much reidsville molded cast city seals vandal damage resistant polyester classic signs nc 800x600stronger.

The molding material will replicate whatever the master is made from, so if the original sign is stone it will look exactly like stone; if the original is "all heart, clear, vertical grain redwood" it will reproduce it perfectly, or any other material.



  •  The Reidsville City signs to the left were created from 4 individual molds and epoxyied together.
  • The main body of the sign which was sandblasted from HDU.
  • The "Founded" Plaque
  • The North Carolina State silhouette
  • And the star



Below is a list of some of the materials that our molded and cast sign blanks emulate (down to a microscopic level). The material we make our molds from is so accurate, if you poured it onto a newspaper, let it set, then cast either the HDU or the polyester on it, you would be able to read the news print in the cast item

Molds made and Cast from:


  • sanded pine sanded smooth but you can still see the grain
  • sandblasted red wood (all heart, clear vertical grain).
  • Green wood. That is wood that has not been dried, so that when it is worked and shaped it has the look of drift wood or wood that has been eroded by nature.


  • for instance a piece of iron that was hand beaten and weathered to form a strap for an old door that was washed up on a beach.

Sandblasted HDU

  • HDU (stone texture back ground) This is useful if you want to match existing sandblasted HDU signs but require something much stronger, or if you require numerous signs and want to save a lot of money.

Sand blasted "Extiria" board

  • One of our clients already had numerous street and traffic signs made from sandblasted Extiria board obtained from another company, but realized they could save a lot of money by using our molded polyester signs. They did however want to keep the look of what they already had. So we made masters from the same material and then cast the sign blanks in solid polyester. They now have signs that look exactly like their existing signage but now it will last for decades and they save for example; over $60.00 on each stop sign. We still use the Extiria board for one-off custom signs.


  • From concrete to marble and everything in between.

Our molded generic range of cast sign blanks can be finished and lettered for you to your specifications, or we can send you the primed sign blank for you to finish.

see our directory of standard molded sign blanks

We also produce molded and cast HDU or Polyester traffic signs such as molded speed limit signs and street signs etc.

See our directory of molded / cast traffic signage

custom molded and cast sign blanks

Whether you need 20 super strong molded sign blanks that can withstand hurricane force winds for your city signs.

A hurricane resistant molded sign undergoing some abuse

or you are a resort that's fed up with throwing away expensive dimensional signs every time a small change is made to your campus. Classic signs can create several sizes of molded sign-blank incorporating your logo, to cover all of your secondary and tertiary sign requirements each molded sign blank can be lettered with vinyl or digital graphics so that if a sign is no longer needed it can be re-lettered instead of throwing it away.

custom molded and cast signs


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Featured Sign of the Month

Uwharrie Point Country Club Main Entrance

This PVC Monument Sign is approx 8ft high by 14ft. wide and was originally made from Redwood. After approx 25 years it had rotted. The board of the residents association were very keen to keep the original appearance exactly the same as the original but they wanted it to be from a material that wouldn't rot.  We had access to  the original architects drawings, so we set about converting the plans into a computer file engineered to be made from PVC and aluminum but to look exactly like the original. Every piece of coving and molding was made in house, and then assembled into three pieces which were transported to the site where it was assembled. The whole monument sign was painted with six coats of a high quality Benjamin Moore latex paint ( it lasts longer on PVC than paints costing over $100 .00/gall more. Then apart from the center panel all of the monument was painted once more by brush and as it was drying the brushes were dragged carefully along the length of each section creating a wood grain effect; thus removing any appearance of the sign looking plastic.

uwharrie point entrance sign pvc monument classic signs nc 900x536